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Ciro gaining on Cuellar

It’s not published yet, and I don’t have much time to discuss it now, but Andre Pineda forwarded me a recent poll in CD28 that shows Ciro Rodriguez closing the gap on Henry Cuellar from 45-30 in October to 39-34 today, with Victor Morales getting 8%. I can only surmise that Bush-hugging has been hazardous to Cuellar’s fortunes. The poll summary indicates that the more voters learn about Cuellar, the less they like him. No shock there.

As I’m about to skip town for a week, I haven’t the time to delve into this. I expect the numbers will be published elsewhere soon, so look out for it. And go Ciro!

UPDATE: Here’s the poll info (PDF), which I finally had the time to upload,

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One Comment

  1. el_longhorn says:

    After a quarter million dollars and the “perfect storm” of netroots activism, all Ciro has gained is a measley 4%? That is within the poll’s margin of error, so, statistically speaking, there was no measurable gain in support for Ciro. Even worse, the poll was taken by Ciro’s paid political consultant, so it is likely skewed in his favor. The problem with this race all along has been that Ciro’s strongest supporters live OUTSIDE THE DISTRICT, mostly even outside of Texas! Early voting totals are in and they are not impressive, so the best that Ciro can hope for is a runoff that he will likely not win. The netroots should pick its battles more carefully…this one was a loser from the start.