Jack and Tom, BFFs

I don’t honestly know why I hadn’t linked to the Vanity Fair article on Jack Abramoff (PDF) before now. Heck of a picture there on the first page, isn’t it? I imagine it may find its way into a campaign mailer or two sometime between now and November 7.

I’m amused that DeLay has jumped on a quote in the piece as proof that he never engaged in actual lawbreaking with Abramoff. Naturally, he didn’t bring up the subject of his personal relationship with the man. You may recall that prior to the primary, DeLay said the following in a letter to his constituents:

“The reality is, Jack Abramoff and I were not close personal friends. I met with him only occasionally, in fact less frequently than numerous others who brought issues before Congress.”

According to Abramoff, this is what these non-close non-personal non-friends talked about on those oh so rare occasions when they did meet up:

“We would sit and talk about the Bible,” he said. “We would sit and talk about opera. We would sit and talk about golf.”

By an amazing coincidence, those are exactly the topics of conversation I have with my non-close non-personal non-friends. I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall for those talks about the Bible. I’m sure their interpretations of the Commandments against stealing and lying would have been most illuminating.

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