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Casteel officially seeks recount

First reported by QR, it’s now in the papers: State Rep. Carter Casteel has officially requested a recount in her close loss to Leininger-bot Nathan Macias.

While she doubts the recount will find her the winner, Casteel said she decided to ask for one after hearing from many supporters, constituents and state leaders.

She said she believes the recount will prove the election was conducted in “a very proper way.”

“I think because everybody is in such an uproar, I think it’s fair to everybody that we just do it and put that to rest,” she said.

Here’s her full statement:

“I am going to request a recount and I have retained Buck Wood as the attorney to represent me in that effort. I have thought about it a long time. I have come to grips with Election Day. However, my supporters and many of my constituents in House District 73 have encouraged me to ask for a recount. Forty-four, 45 votes is a pretty good stretch, but stranger things have happened.”

According to Matt:

She will have two days from when the Republican Party of Texas canvasses its primary results to petition for a recount. According to the party’s Web site, canvassing will happen March 22. After receiving the petition, the party will have two days to decide on whether to grant the recount.

It’s a longshot, but any time you have a race this close, you pretty much have to doublecheck the result. You just never know.

Vince spoke to Rep. Casteel and got some more information from her about this. Casteel also mentioned support Macias had from anti-toll road forces as a factor in her loss, something which the Statesman more or less dismissed last week.

Finally, if Macias does hold on to the win, he’ll have some fences to mend back home.

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