Radnofsky and Harris

Barbara Radnofsky is guest-blogging again at Capitol Annex, while her campaign manager Seth puts in a few words on her behalf at Wampum. As unhappy as I was that she did not win the Senate nomination outright on Primary Day, I feel like she and her team have done a good job in turning the runoff into a positive. All of the endorsements she’s gotten from various elected officials, SDEC members, and other members of the establishment (one name to add to this story about her campaign headquarters opening is HCDP Chair Gerry Birnberg) have helped put a little focus on this race. It would have been nice to have had some of this before March 7, but better late than never.

Also appearing on Wampum is David Harris, where he writes about environmental issues, where he obviously contrasts sharply with Smokey Joe Barton. Take a look at Breath of Life for a more ecumenical view of the environment while you’re there. Dave is also writing about immigration issues at BOR. Check it out.

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