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I’m counting a total of twelve new maps available for viewing at the Texas Redistricting site. My eyes are a little crossed from looking at all of this – the RedViewer is a great resource, but an annoying one as well, since it doesn’t work with Firefox.

The latest news is another attempt by the state to cut Lloyd Doggett off at the knees (more from the Chron). I don’t think that’ll fly with the three-judge panel, while PerryVsWorld thinks that map is a slight favorite. The court may give deference to the state in recognition of the Lege’s role in drawing maps, or it may give more weight to the plaintiffs for winning the lawsuit in the first place. And they may go another direction, or draw their own map – as Paul Burka says, they have lifetime tenure for a reason.

I don’t quite have the energy to give all these maps a full going-over. If you want more analysis, follow those links above plus these to the Lone Star Project, more from Burka, Rep. Pena, BOR, and in what may be the most exhaustive blog post I’ve ever seen, Vince.

Whatever happens, I’m sure the judges are hoping this will be the last they see of Texas Congressional maps for a long time. After three goes at it in five years, I’ll bet they’re sick of the whole process, and I can’t say I blame them.

UPDATE: More from Burka and CQ Politics (via Political Wire).

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