Quarterly report time

Just a few bits and pieces from the second quarter FEC filings as they trickle in. All results as of June 30.

I’m sure he won’t have any problems raising more dough, but it’s still surprising to see John Culberson with only $155K cash on hand. Jim Henley isn’t exactly flush, though he does have what’s likely to be his biggest fundraiser coming up. I just would’ve expected a guy like Culberson to have a lot more money than that.

Ron Paul has $395K on hand, but for a guy who had no real primary opposition, he’s burning through it at a fast rate – $943K raised, $730K spent. Either he’s got some expensive tastes, or he’s not very efficient about raising the money.

Silvestre Reyes has spent a higher percentage of his contributions than that, but at least he doesn’t have a major party opponent. Good thing, when $38K COH is all you have.

Will Pryor continues to be a surprise – $321K raised, $180K on hand. Not too bad for a guy that’s a virtual unknown to the netroots, but he is up against a guy who had over a million bucks as of the last quarter. So it’s all relative.

Finally, a couple of the CD22 wannabees check in: Shelley Sekula Somethingorother has $30K, while Crazy Bob Talton has all of $750 after loaning himself $800. Make of that what you will. He’s not listed yet, but I’m told that David Wallace raised about $170K, which falls short of his $200K goal. After subtracting for expenses, he’ll have about $150K – he also loaned himself $30K. Needless to say, they’re all way behind in that race.

UPDATE: Here’s David Wallace, with $157K cash on hand. Muse and Juanita have more.

Also in now: Shane Sklar has $275K raised, $113K cash on hand. There’s still a few who haven’t updated yet, including one Thomas Dale DeLay, so I’m sure I’ll have more later.

UPDATE: If I’m reading this correctly, Crazy Bob Talton has reported $28K cash on hand to the Texas Ethics Commission as of July 5. I don’t know if that would be transferable to a Congressional race or not, but who cares? It’s 28K, compared to two million. Now I really want to know what Tom DeLay has to his name.

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