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One more thing about the community college veto

I’m reading this AusChron article (link via PinkDome) about more reaction to the community college funding veto (see here and here for more, and I’m reading Burka’s post on why we shouldn’t count out Rick Perry after all this time, and I’m thinking that the veto both counts as an admittedly rare error in political judgment by Perry, as well as another source of opposition to him that (in Burka’s words) he’s conjured out of thin air. It makes me wonder if Perry’s desire to prove that he’s no lame duck may lead him to be more likely to make errors in political judgment, since he’s basically in a position where he’s got to swing for the fences. Hard to say, and barring a dreaded special session, there may not be another opportunity for him to strike out till 2009. It’s just a thought, so take it for what it’s worth, and file it away for future reference.

Oh, and if the GOP base is so desperate for someone with “real” conservative credentials that they’d seriously consider adding Rick Perry to the ticket as Vice President, all I can say is that I hope the Democrats realize this would make Texas more winnable for them, not less. Not that they would, of course, but someone needs to say it.

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