What I’m thankful for today

I think it’s pretty obvious…

I am thankful for my family – Tiffany, Olivia, my parents, my siblings, my in-laws, my aunts, uncles, cousins, assorted others, and those who are family by choice rather than by blood. Among all the other things for which I am blessed, that’s number one.

And I’m pleased to tell you that those blessings will grow. Sometime in mid-February, Olivia will acquire the status of Big Sister. According to the ultrasound, we’ll be getting another girl. All of us are very happy about this.

My future is sure to be a chaotic one now that we’ll be playing a fulltime man-to-man defense in the house. (As a friend said to me, the difference between having two kids and having three is the need to switch from a man-to-man to a zone defense. We can still play the man, we’ll just have to give up on the double team.) But it’s one to which I’m eagerly looking forward. On this day, I want to publicly acknowledge my bounty, and to express my thankfulness for it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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6 Responses to What I’m thankful for today

  1. Burt Levine says:

    Congratulations Kuff!!

  2. Ryan Goodland says:

    That’s great news, Kuff. Congratulations.

  3. becky says:

    This is great news Charles – congratulations !

  4. hope says:

    Congratulations Kuffners!! I have a sister who is two years younger than I am, and my girls are 2 years apart. I always tell them how lucky they are to have a sister to grow up with.

  5. Kimmy says:

    Three women and you…
    Can’t be too bad.

  6. Support Science to Reverse Global Warming, if still possible says:

    Congratulations Charles to you and to your family!

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