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600 sq mi: Hidden

Two years ago, Houstonist sponsored a photography show called 600 sq mi, which was about everything Houston. They’re doing it again this year, with a show called “600 sq mi: Hidden”.

Houstonist is proud to announce 600 sq mi: Hidden, our second biennial photo show. It will be a juried show, like before, though this time around it’ll open in October at Xnihilo Gallery in the Montrose. The theme of the show, “Hidden,” reflects some of the things we love most about our hometown: its hidden corners, unknown places, overlooked people, the things that make Houston a truly wonderful city for anyone who bothers to scratch the surface a bit. We all have our favorite bits of hidden Houston — and this is your chance to show us yours. (And yes, this show is open to anyone, regardless of experience. Whether you just picked up a camera yesterday or make a living with your lens, we want to see your work.)

So, what we need now are your images. Head over to the show’s website,, for all the information you’ll need, including instructions, rules, the official entry form, FAQs and a link to contact us with your questions and concerns. Keep in mind that we will be updating the site as often as we need to with the latest news, deadlines, answers to your questions and anything else we think will come in handy.

The deadline for submitting your photos to us is Monday, July 13, 2009, which gives you six weeks to pull some images together and check your couch cushions for the $15 entry fee. We can’t wait to see what y’all send us, and we’re looking forward to an incredible show.

So break out those digital cameras and start snapping.

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