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City candidates on Twitter

Since I brought up the subject of Houston city candidates on Twitter last week, I figured I’d put together as complete a list of such candidates’ Twitter feeds as I could, since I’d already gotten such a head start on it. Before I present that list, I just want to add as a public service to current and future candidates, please configure your account with your full name, so that when someone does a Find People search, they will get a good result. Several candidates whom I follow on Twitter could not be found by this method, which strikes me as a pretty basic oversight. Just FYI.

Now then. Here’s the list, as best as I can determine. If you know of someone I’m missing, please tell me in the comments. Thanks.

Houston Mayoral candidates

Annise Parker
Gene Locke
Peter Brown
Roy Morales
TJ Huntley

Houston City Controller candidates

Pam Holm
MJ Khan
Ronald Green

Houston City Council Members and Candidates

Karen Derr – At Large #1

Roslyn Shorter – At Large #2

Jeff Downing – District A
Alex Wathen – District A
Amy Peck – District A
Lane Lewis – District A
Brenda Stardig – District A

Jarvis Johnson – District B

Mike Sullivan – District E

Peter Acquaro – District F
Robert Kane – District F

George Foulard – District G
Mills Worsham – District G

Ed Gonzalez – District H

That’s a pretty good list, though with fewer incumbents than I would have expected. For the sake of completeness, I also searched for HISD and HCCS trustees. The only one I found was Greg Meyers, HISD trustee for District VI. I’d like to see that change.

So there you have it. Again, if I missed someone you know of, please tell me about it in the comments. If you want more, David Ortez put together a nice list of Houston candidates’ web presences, including Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. Hair Balls also has a good post on social media strategy briefing that the Annise Parker campaign had on Wednesday. Check ’em out.

UPDATE: Via comments and Facebook messages, I’ve added Twitter feeds for Brenda Stardig (District A), Council Member Mike Sullivan (E), and Robert Kane (F). Thanks for the feedback, please keep ’em coming.

UPDATE: TJ Huntley’s Twitter page is now accessible again.

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  3. Robert Kane says:

    I feel left out, wasn’t sure how to use twitter that well, but your posting made me realize it was time to figure it out a little.

    Robert Kane, Candidtae for City Council District F

    My name is very common and thought it would be hard to locate, so I thought of the future and took the winning title I should use later on… CouncilmanKane.

    During the election twitter would be advantageous to me. After election when I win, thats when it will be come really useful to the community, updating them of REALLY important events, no?

    Thanks in advance for including me in the list 😉

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