KBH to vote against Sotomayor

Nobody is surprised by this, right?

Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison says she will vote against confirming Sonia Sotomayor to be a Supreme Court justice.

She said Tuesday she is concerned about Sotomayor’s views on the Second Amendment on the right to bear arms. Hutchison is from Texas, where the population is more than a third Hispanic.

Sotomayor is expected to be confirmed as the first Hispanic justice of the high court.

Texas’ senior senator, John Cornyn, voted against Sotomayor on Tuesday as the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination on a 13-6 vote and sent it to the full Senate.

Hutchison is seeking the 2010 GOP nomination for governor in Texas.

So KBH will follow Cornyn’s lead on Sotomayor just as she’s followed Rick Perry’s lead on health care and the economy. Has this woman ever had an original thought in her life? Maybe her latest campaign manager will help her come up with one. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

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3 Responses to KBH to vote against Sotomayor

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    She is a woman for all seasons. Without much reason. She is liberal, moderate, conservative. Depending on her mood or the weather. And of course which way the political wind blows according to her advisors. She seems to have been caught in a cross-wind finally.

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  3. Baby Snooks says:

    […] as Kuff shows as she decries Gov. Perry’s leadership Hutchison is doing much more following than leading. So KBH will follow Cornyn’s lead on Sotomayor just as she’s followed Rick Perry’s lead on […]

    She’s obviously very good at playing “follow the leader” and of course there’s a clue in that but of course some Republicans, and some Democrats, are clueless and will vote for her in March.

    I suspect in either March of 2010 or November of 2012 Kay Bailey Hutchison will be returning to Dallas as just a V&E wife and probably will go the way of many other V&E wives and after signing the infamous “side divorce settlement agreement” in which she agrees never to discuss the firm in return for a lot of cash she probably will move back to Deer Park and open a cheerleading school and if Joe Dilg is not smarter than Harry Reasoner has not added “shall not discuss the firm even at dinner tables” to the agreement she of course will also become very popular at dinner parties in Houston. As have other former V&E wives along the way.

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