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Bourdain on kids’ TV

Anthony Bourdain gives a rundown of what’s on kids’ TV these days, mostly stuff on Noggin and Nick Jr. We are quite familiar with most of what he and his daughter watch – Olivia in particular loves “Lazytown”, somewhat to my chagrin – but I’d recommend he expand their horizons a bit to include PBS Kids and (really) Playhouse Disney. “Super Why” on the former, and “The Imagination Movers” on the latter are both worth checking out. And I’ve got my “The Best of The Electric Company” DVDs in reserve for when the girls are a little older. Thanks to Pete for the catch.

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  1. Molly Moran says:

    I am a Face Book fan of Anthony Bourdain and a Face Book fan of Imagination Movers. I suggest Tony and all who read this, check out the Movers. They have a lot of pop culture in their show to keep the parents alert. The music is exceptional for a kids show. Check it out. I’ll bet you’ll return for more.