Upgrading Market Square

Market Square, the historic but largely overlooked park on the north end of downtown, is set to get a facelift.

With the opening of Discovery Green and the Houston Pavilions, the south part of downtown Houston has been the center of attention. But business owners in the oldest part of the city were feeling a bit left out. They are hoping that’s about to change.

“It’s not really useful. There’s nothing really to do there,” said Market Square employee Jessica Garza. “It’s kind of like boring space.”
Garza works at a sandwich shop next to the square. Its lack of usefulness has proved frustrating for businesses trying to survive in Houston’s historic district.

“I don’t really know what I would want anymore,” said Market Square business owner Mike Shapiro. “Something that would bring people down here, but I don’t think anything is going to bring them down here, not a park.” Long time business owner Shapiro may be skeptical, but the Downtown District is about to completely overhaul Market Square. In artistic renderings, the new design would include a food kiosk, art walks and even a dog park, all designed to attract more residents and boost business.

“We don’t believe it’s too little too late,” insisted Downtown District spokesperson Bob Eury. “We believe it’s going to be a very significant addition to the historic district.”

The reconstruction of the park is expected to take about six months. Businesses surrounding Market Square are hoping for a big improvement after it’s completed. Construction is scheduled to start before Thanksgiving, with completion date for the park is around next year’s Memorial Day holiday. The estimated cost for the park is $3 million. It will be paid for by using tax increment reinvestment zone funds, not personal property taxes.

I look forward to seeing what they do with it. There’s a schematic design included in Miya’s story that seems to incorporate at least some of the elements to make the space more like Discovery Green. We’ll see how they do with it.

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