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Some info on the HCC Trustee District 3 race

I mentioned before that I knew nothing about the HCC District 3 Trustee race, which is the only such contested race on the ballot. In response, Sergio Davila forwarded the following press release from a group called Concerned East End Leadership for Quality in Higher Education to me:

HCC Trustee Candidate Mary Ann Perez a NO-SHOW at community organized forum

View highlights from last week’s forum here:

HOUSTON (October 27, 2009) – On Tuesday, October 20, 2009, one of Houston’s largest and most influential non-profit organizations, Tejano Center for Community Concerns (TCCC), held the last installment of its Catalyst Lecture Series. The event, free and open to the public, was organized as a candidates’ forum to discuss the role of workforce development in higher education while informing those in attendance of the importance of solid educational leadership to bolster the economic future of the East End. To that end, TCCC opened its campus to the two candidates running for the position of Houston Community College Trustee for District III: Diane Olmos Guzmán (incumbent) and Mary Ann Perez. In late September, both candidates were invited and agreed to participate in the event. Tejano Center began preparations by assembling a group of panelists and a moderator to facilitate the forum, as well as inviting families and students from its charter school along with members of the community.

As students, parents, panelists and Tejano Center staff assembled on the day of the event, a call was received that Mary Ann Perez would not attend due to dental issues. This call was placed by her husband around 4:45 p.m., less than two hours before the event was scheduled to start. Many were confused by this, since she had been seen earlier in the day, busily working at the HCC Southeast campus early voting location. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that nowhere on her campaign website or her Facebook group page did she even mention the event, whereas other events she had attended or held in the past were listed. Even more surprising, Perez’s campaign manager, Ruben Landa, stated that Perez and her husband were planning block walking Precinct 218 that evening.

Other than a couple of supporters, no one was present from Perez’s camp. Despite her absence, the forum was still well-attended, with standing-room only. Trustee Diane Olmos Guzmán stated her position on important issues such as the role of trustee in the community, educational opportunities for immigrants, and the importance of the community college, and was well-received by students, parents and community stakeholders.

In response to Perez’s apparent indifference and disinterest, a group of East End residents has formed the Concerned East End Leadership for Quality in Higher Education. This Ad Hoc group consists of community stakeholders, leaders and businessmen, led by Ms. Jesse Goins, Precinct 27 election judge. She said, “How will our community move forward when the challenging candidate for such an important position no-shows at a major forum that was held for the community? How can residents of District III make an informed decision about which candidate is best for the job when one of them doesn’t even bother to introduce herself to the people? Attendees at that event expected Mary Ann Perez to be there and she let them down.”

As if her absence at the event wasn’t enough of a disappointment to those who attended, Mary Ann Perez’s campaign Facebook group page is now populated by numerous photos of her at a campaign fundraiser at Doneraki Restaurant held the following day. Shot after shot captures a healthy, smiling Perez. Goins remarked, “Clearly, partying with her supporters is more important than answering the concerns of the community, the same community she is hoping to represent.”

Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a good way to impress voters. Here’s a scan of a pro-Olmos mailer – side one, side 2 – if you want to know more about her.

Now having said that, it must be noted that Perez has some strong support as well. Here’s an excerpt from an email sent out by State Sen. Mario Gallegos:

Education has always been a priority of mine both personally, and as your state senator. The Houston Community College System has several trustee positions on the ballot this election season. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about two candidates I am supporting for HCC Trustee positions.

Sherriff Adrian Garcia recently endorsed Mary Ann Perez for HCC District III, stating “Mary Ann Perez will work hard to move HCC in a positive direction, creating vocational and technical programs that address our high dropout rate and increasing early college programs, giving more students a head start on their college education.”

Mary Ann Perez is a candidate for the Houston Community College System Board of Trustees, District III. Mary Ann was born in East L.A. and moved to Houston at the age of 3. She learned early on that the secret to success was through education, hard work and perseverance. With that in mind, she earned an associates degreee from the Houston Community College, and went on to graduate from the University of Houston with a degree in Business Administration, cum laude. Mary Ann owns a successful Farmers Insurance and Financial Services agency located in the East End of Houston. She is currently the President of Meadow Creek Village Civic Club and Chair for Precinct 221. Mary Ann is a member of the National Hispanic Professionals Organization (NHPO), and is a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Farmers Employees and Agents Political Action Committee.

Mary Ann has a clear vision for the advancement of the Houston Community College, and she understands what today’s students need to be successful. As a board member, she will work to keep tuition and taxes affordable for everyone, and work with area employers to ensure that students recieve training for the jobs of today and tomorrow. I hope you will join me in electing Mary Ann as one of the newest board members for the Houston Community College System!

Like I say, I don’t know much about this race. For those of you in District 3, I hope this helps you decide whom to support. Thanks to Sergio for forwarding the press release.

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  1. miss jane says:

    The people have spoken and they have elected Mary Ann as their next Board of Trustee and the right choice has been made!!!!!!!!!!!!!