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Eversole running for re-election


Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jerry Eversole announced on Friday that he will run for re-election, potentially pitting him against a term-limited Houston city councilwoman and, perhaps, his own tarnished reputation.

Eversole, 66, who was hit with a $75,000 fine in the summer by the Texas Ethics Commission over campaign spending violations, said he decided to seek a fifth term to complete a number of highway projects and a major park complex in his precinct.

“Well, I enjoy the job, I enjoy getting up in the morning and doing what the job involves,” he said on Friday. “At the end of the day, I’ve got projects that were started that I want to see moved along or completed.”

That sound you hear is Toni Lawrence spitting nails. On the plus side, this has the potential to be an even more entertaining Republican primary than Perry/Hutchison. There will be plenty of material for the oppo researchers. I mean, a little more than a year ago, Eversole was convinced that the FBI was out to get him. Surely we’ll be hearing plenty more about that, and who knows what else besides.

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  1. Baby Snooks says:

    I swore I would never vote for Toni Lawrence for anything. Never say never! I can’t vote for her but I sure can support her. And will.

    We really need to look at term limits for the commissioners. They set up these “kingdoms” for themselves and that is not what commissioners court was intended to do.

  2. Reality Chick says:

    If the Republican Party ever really wants to know why they got swept in 2008, look at this race. I will vote for ANYONE else that runs against Eversole. Party does not matter. ABE (Anybody But Eversole) is my motto. I am done with smug politicians.

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