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Bikers for Roy

Mere words cannot adequately express the awesomeness of this:

So you better vote for Roy, unless you want bikers to invade your neighborhood and point their fingers at you in a vaguely menacing fashion. Or something like that. Many thanks to David Ortez for the catch.

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  1. Don Large says:

    In thirteen years of involvement in party politics, I have never seen a candidate grow more in his abilities to connect with and communicate with voters than Roy Morales.

    I can only wonder where this race would be had Roy gotten more fundraising done three
    months ago. This ad, placed on line and in the media, could have gotten him into the lead in this race.

    My Dad, Nathan, has loved motorcycles and owned them for over forty years. This simply rocks. This ad is perfect for this weekend because of the motorcycle rally down on Galveston Island this weekend. This is out of the box thinking about politics at its finest.

    Roy, I simply stand up and salute you. I think you are going to surprise everybody on Tuesday. The Beatles said 45 years ago that money can’t buy you love. Hopefully, it can’t buy you a runoff slot in Houston, Texas in 2009.


  2. Baby Snooks says:

    Someone votes for someone because they ride a motorcycle? Maybe the Hell’s Angels will endorse him. Although some might say the endorsement by Stephen Hotze and his “conservative” group are the Hell’s Angels. Maybe Annise Parker should have done a photo-op on a motorcycle the way Ann Richards did. Although of course she ain’t no Ann Richards.