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Uncle Dan wins re-election

For some more pleasant election-related news, I’m happy to note that my uncle Dan Kuffner was re-elected to the Dutchess County (New York) Legislature.

In District 7, Legislator Dan Kuffner, D-Hyde Park, beat Republican Yancy McArthur.


On Nov. 3, Kuffner led by only 44 votes. After 118 paper ballots were counted Friday, Kuffner had 1,325 votes and McArthur had 1,283, a difference of 42 votes, according to unofficial results.

Kuffner, 62, said, “I got into this job because I enjoy service. I’m thrilled that the people are asking me to continue the job.”

He was elected in 2007 after a long career as an elementary school teacher; he had also been the president of the local teachers’ union. This was a bad year in Dutchess County for his fellow Democrats, as they went from a 13-12 majority to being down 18-6, plus an independent. But he won after a tough campaign. Congats again, Uncle Dan!

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One Comment

  1. Rob Humenik says:

    Hey Charles,

    I wondered if there was a family connection when I was looking at the election returns. Hyde Park is about 3 towns up from us (we are in southern Dutchess county in Beacon, NY). Beacon is becoming more and more Democratic as we get more and more NYC transplants, but you’re right, things are not as good the farther North you go.

    Congratulations to your uncle Dan!