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“McCaul Drops The Ball”

Following up on the reports about BAE Systems and the curious claims by Rep. Mike McCaul that his office had been “in regular contact with BAE Systems” during the bidding process, yet none of that communication was written, the Lone Star Project has a few questions for him.

• What specifically did you communicate to the Army in “late 2007?” Was it by mail or telephone? Can you produce all copies of your communication?

• If you were informed of the potential problem in 2007, what did you do to advocate for the Sealy plant officially and unofficially?

• Did you formally notify and ask for assistance from your fellow local, State and Federal officeholders regarding the potential job loss?

• You claimed that “my office has been in regular contact with BAE Systems prior to and during the rebid process.” Can you produce any documents that confirm “regular” communications?

• Since being elected to Congress from the 10th District, but prior to the loss of the BAE contract, have you spoken even once on the House floor promoting the quality of work and the importance of the mission at BAE Systems plant in Sealy?

We’ll see if McCaul has any answers. BOR has more.

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