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Weekend link dump for December 20

Nothing like a few days off around the holidays.

The Ten Least Successful Holiday Specials Of All Time.

Not sure you’re all that fond of the 21st century? Here are some possible reasons why.

Is hand crafted content doomed? Spekaing for myself, no.

Even the Connecticut for Lieberman Party hates Joe Lieberman.

Rice University at a crossroads.

Defending Gary Kubiak. I basically agree with this.

He’s a lady.

I have to have one of these.

Multiple choice does not necessarily mean mutually exclusive.

Memories from the summer of crazy.

There’s a reason why cultural literacy is important.

It’s not clear to me why the national GOP thought that a GOP-branded URL shortener was something that we needed, but clearly I lack imagination. The results were predictable, and damn funny to boot.

I’m with Nate.

The 12 Days of HMNS. Day One: Snow science.

This was the subject of a Car Talk puzzler a year or so ago.

The Bloggess versus Canada. Canada loses.

The Photoshop Diet.

Congrats to Judge Al Bennett, the newly elected Administrative Judge for Harris County.

The Saint Arnold brewery is finally open for tours.

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