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Loren Jackson files for re-election

Most of the focus for the Harris County Democratic Party in 2010 will be finishing the job from 2008, which is to say winning more judicial races and the executive offices that will be up for election. There are a couple of seats to defend at the countywide level, however – Judges Dion Ramos, Robert Hinojosa, and Kathy Stone, all of whom won unexpired terms, and District Clerk Loren Jackson, who won the office vacated by Charles Bacarisse. Here’s Jackson’s announcement about his filing for re-election:

Loren Jackson officially filed today seeking re-election for another term as Harris County District Clerk.

“I remain steadfast in my commitment to serve the people of Harris County through continued fiscal responsibility, proven leadership and practical innovation that reduce costs to our taxpayers,” said Jackson.

In his short time in office, Jackson has utilized technology innovation to boost operational efficiency, improve services and cut costs within the Office of the District Clerk resulting in significant taxpayer savings. To date his administration has:

· Quadrupled monthly e-filings from 3,000 to 12,000/month

· Made court records accessible online to the public and the Harris County Bar through a redesigned website

· Created new jobs by relocating its call center from San Antonio to an in-house location at a savings of more than $400,000/yr. to Harris County Taxpayers and

· Progressively increased awareness of and attendance to Jury Service each month, reducing the cost of printing and mailing of reminder Jury Summons.

“The accomplishments of our office over this past year have reduced: operating costs, document processing time, and the number of people making trips to the courthouse for services,” said Jackson. “I would be honored to continue serving the citizens of Harris County by ensuring sound, fiscal oversight of the District Clerk’s Office and by finding more ways to cut costs to our taxpayers.”

As District Clerk, Jackson has jurisdiction over the summoning of prospective jurors for 74 courts and is responsible for custodial care and safekeeping of all court records for 59 District Courts and 15 County Criminal Courts located in Harris County. In addition, the Harris County District Clerk has the important responsibility of providing customer service to all child support cases (causes) heard in Harris County.

And in addition to all that, Jackson is the man who brought us WiFi in the Harris County Jury Assembly Room. Jackson has been very busy this past year, and his accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Keep an eye on Loren Jackson, and make sure you vote for him next year.

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