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Texas keeps growing

Every year it’s the same thing – there are a lot more Texans than there were the year before.

U.S. Census estimates released Wednesday show that Texas added more residents than any other state in the year ending July 1.

The Lone Star State has 478,000 more people than it did a year ago — roughly the equivalent of packing up all of Fresno, Calif., and moving it here.


The population of Texas has grown to 24.8 million, second only to California. Just the growth of the Texas population since 2000 — 3.9 million people — is greater than the population of 24 states.

If that trend continues through the official decennial count next year, Texas stands to gain four seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, [Texas state demographer Karl] Eschbach noted.

It’s pretty damn amazing. And it will make redistricting that much fiercer a fight.

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