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Meet Team Parker

The Chron peeks behind the curtain at the people who will be working the most closely with Mayor Parker.

They fall into roughly three camps: senior aides from her time as controller, City Hall veterans and a lone political operative who ran her mayoral campaign.

The first group includes Jim Moncur, who managed the city’s $2 billion investment and $12 billion debt portfolios; Lloyd Waguespack, who oversaw operations; Madeleine Appel, her administrative deputy whose City Hall experience dates to 1980; and Janice Evans, a former KTRH radio reporter who handled communications for Parker.

The second includes Waynette Chan, a senior official for 17 years in the Department of Public Works and Engineering who began her time at City Hall as an aide to then-Police Chief Lee Brown; and Marty Stein, who worked for Lanier, Brown and White, helping to craft weekly policy agendas and wrangle City Council votes.

Adam Harris, an Arkansas native who managed her campaign, is the lone political operative on her senior staff.

Very inside-baseball stuff, perhaps of limited interest to even most of this blog’s readers, but these are the folks who will be doing much of the heavy lifting over the next two to six years.

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