Boycott us, please!

Now this is something I can really get behind.

If you think the folks in Haiti are having a rough time, just wait until Houstonians feel the economic effects of Pastor David Grisham’s boycott against our city of sin. Launched just a few days ago, is Grisham’s way of giving righteous Texans a chance to send a message to Houstonians that they have sinned by electing an openly gay mayor and by allowing a super-sized abortion clinic to be built here.

“The main reason for the boycott is simply because it’s about the only way that people in the rest of the state of Texas — outside of Houston — can actually take a stand for righteousness in the city of Houston,” Grisham tells Hair Balls. “Now, Jesus said that we were to preach the gospel through all the world, and that includes Houston, Texas.”

On behalf of everyone who is happy to let me speak for them on this, may I just say “Please, Pastor Grisham, stay as far away from Houston as possible, and tell everyone you know to stay away as well. Thanks very much.” Or, to put it another way, Boycott “Boycott Houston”.

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  1. Gee Li says:

    Pastor Grisham also has his hands on Compared that militaristic site to the boycotthouston and you’ll find that we got off easy.

    Am I Right? (Or Amarillo)

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