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District Clerk primary overview

There’s one race on the ballot that features an incumbent countywide Democrat in a non-judicial office, and that’s Harris County District Clerk, where Loren Jackson is running for a four-year term after being elected to complete Charles Bacarisse’ unexpired term. This Chron story is about the two Republicans who are vying to replace him. Frankly, neither sounds like all that serious a candidate to me, but you can go read the story and decide for yourself. And once you’ve done that, go read Mark Bennett on why you should support Loren Jackson in November regardless of who gets nominated to oppose him.

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  1. Charles, Mark is right about Jackson. He has done a good job elevating the efficiency of the office. They are still far behind the federal district clerk’s office in that regard, but they have made enormous progress under Jackson. He definitely deserves another term.