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Not too bad a job returning those Census forms

We did better than in 2000.

Houston, Harris County and Texas each exceeded their 2000 Census mail-in return rates this year while falling short of the national rate, according to final figures released Wednesday.

In Houston, 67 percent of those who received forms returned them, compared to 64 percent in the last decennial census. For Harris County, the figures were 69 percent this year and 67 percent in 2000; the Texas rates were 69 percent this year and 68 percent in 2000.

Texas was among 28 states that met or exceeded their 2000 rates, the Census Bureau said. Nationally, the 72 percent return rate this year equaled that of a decade ago.

Nice, but still below the national average. Which is important, if we want to get all those extra Congressional seats.

According to [a Census Bureau] report [on state participation rates]: “Of the five states on the cusp, the biggest potential losers are California and New York, which could have a net loss of one and two House seats, respectively. Texas may end up gaining just three House seats instead of four.”

The original four-seat prediction could still emerge correct, however. Census workers will now go knocking on doors, asking residents who didn’t participate the same basic information requested from the 10-question mail form.

You still have a chance to get counted if you somehow didn’t mail your form in before now. And remember, it’s not just about Congressional representation.

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