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Elections today

Just a reminder that for some of you, there are elections today, including a special election to replace State Sen. Kip Averitt in Waco, school board elections in Austin and Dallas, and of course elections for Mayor and City Council in Galveston and Farmers Branch, among others. Polls will be open till 7 PM – check your County Clerk webpage for voting locations. As you can imagine, these tend to be very low-turnout affairs, so your vote counts a lot. If you’ve got an election in your neighborhood, please go vote. Thanks very much.

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  1. Shelley says:

    Given the recent textbook publicity, it seems that school board elections will be more important than ever. I hope there’s a little…even just a little…good news.

  2. Burt Levine says:

    YES! Good news is Jim Rice and Jim Babb won for Fort Bend ISD and that Mayor Owen, Mayor Pro-Tem Jerry Wyatt & Danny Nguyen won for Missouri City Council!