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Settlement reached in Bell lawsuit against Perry

Texas Watchdog:

A 2007 lawsuit alleging Texas Gov. Rick Perry unlawfully hid $1 million in illegal campaign contributions has been settled in a confidential agreement, a lawyer connected to the case said Friday.

The case was filed by Chris Bell, Perry’s Democratic opponent in the 2006 gubernatorial contest. Bell, a former Congressman, claimed that Perry tried to hide the source of money he took from Houston homebuilder Bob Perry (no relation). The suit claims the money was illegally funneled through the Republican Governors Association in the waning days of the 2006 campaign, which Perry won.

“The agreement is confidential, and I am not privy to it,” said Terry Scarborough, a lawyer representing the governors association, a D.C.-based political committee.

The case has two elements, with Bell going against two named defendants: Texans for Perry and the governors’ association. The settled case, against Perry, was dismissed by the court May 20 after a joint motion for dismissal with prejudice, meaning the plaintiff cannot file another case on the same claim. There is no mention of the settlement in the court file.

The case involving the governor’s association remains active after a trial before a judge, also held May 20. A ruling is expected shortly.

The case against both defendants survived a motion to dismiss a year ago; my post on the original suit is here. At this point, that’s all I know. Thanks to Local Texans for the heads up.

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