Compostable bag update

The city has decided to not begin fining people just yet for not using the new biodegradable bags for yard waste. I agree that most people just need clear instructions and reasonably durable bags to do this, and I’m glad to see that behavior has already changed quite dramatically:

Before the program was implemented earlier this year, the city sent more than 1,200 tons of green waste a month to landfills. Now, it sends none and collects less than half of what it did in green waste, all of which is delivered to companies that recycle it and turn it into mulch or compost.

Marina Joseph, a spokeswoman for the solid waste department, said there has been no uptick in the amount of garbage the city has collected, an indication that people are not just putting their grass clippings in the garbage.

I wonder if there’s been an uptick in the number of mulching lawn mowers purchased, or if people have just been saying “The hell with it, I don’t need to rake after I mow”. Either way, it looks like the city has achieved its goal.

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3 Responses to Compostable bag update

  1. John Cobarruvias says:

    Hum…actually they are struggling with the bags they are using. Turns out they were for use in area with less humidity. Here in Houston they begin to decompose after 3 days. So if your grass is cut on Saturday and trash pickup is Friday, you will have a problem. And if it rains in between, you will probably have grass all over the sidewalk.

    And they will not pick that up. More work needs to be done.

  2. Rich Martin says:

    I am not a big “green” fan. In fact I have never used (and probably can’t find) my green recycle bin.
    The compostable bag though is something that makes sense. A huge portion of my trash is yard trimmings. it makes no sense to put them in bags that barely decompose.
    Yeah, the bags are expensive, they tear easy, but they are new. The bugs will be worked out and price will come down.
    I hate being told what to do by “greenies” and “do-gooders” but this has some logic to it.

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