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“HEB with a Montrose feel”

The West U Examiner gives us an update on the plans for an HEB where the Wilshire Village Apartments used to be.

Having recently closed its land deal for the property at Dunlavy and Alabama streets, H-E-B will be putting the finishing touches on three grocery store designs to be considered at the site.

The price paid for the property was not disclosed. There is no timetable yet for selecting a plan or to begin building at the site, spokeswoman Cyndy Garza-Roberts said.

During a meeting with the Neartown/Montrose Super Neighborhood in mid-May, H-E-B representatives said residents in the area and other concerned parties in the community would have an opportunity to voice preferences on the final design.

“Once we have them (the plans) ready, we will work with homeowners associations and (neighboring) St. Stephen’s Church,” Garza-Roberts said. “We are very confident they will be pleased. It’s going to be unique and compliment the Montrose feel.”

We’ll see what the neighbors, some of whom are quite skeptical about HEB’s plans, think of this. I’ve expressed some of the same concerns about this as I have about the “Heights” Wal-Mart. The HEB location is on streets that are at least somewhat better suited for the kind of traffic it’s likely to see, and it has the bonus of being near a future University Line rail stop, so the situations aren’t identical, but they are similar. If HEB can convince the locals that they can make this work in a way that won’t be too disruptive, maybe there’s hope for Wal-Mart as well. Maybe. I look forward to seeing what they have to show.

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  1. Ron in Houston says:

    I guess being a suburbanite I don’t get you inner city folks. I mean, you have to shop, you have to buy groceries. Why not have it close to you? Sometimes it seems like it’s this “not in my backyard” phenomena.

    I sure don’t get it.

  2. Bruce 1 block aay says:

    I love it, i live 1 block from the proposed site and will shop there for sure. Fiesta has no meat market and a poor selection, I hate having to drive to krogers or HEB on buffalo speedway just to buy a steak.