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Where all of the children are above average

Here are your school ratings, according to the Texas Education Agency.

Including charter schools, here’s a summary of how the state’s 1,237 districts performed:

  • Exemplary 239 19%
  • Recognized 597 48%
  • Academically Acceptable 346 28%
  • Academically Unacceptable 45 4%
  • Not Rated: Other 10 1%

Again, including charter schools, here’s a summary of how the state’s 8,435 campuses performed:

  • Exemplary 2,624 31%
  • Recognized 3,153 37%
  • Academically Acceptable 1,886 22%
  • Academically Unacceptable 125 1.5%
  • Not Rated: Other 647 7%

Click here for summaries of each district in Texas

If only these ratings meant something useful. TEA Commissioner Robert Scott is talking about making changes to the Texas Projection Measure to make it more useful and accurate, and that’s a good thing. It’s just too bad that Scott had to be dragged kicking and whining about politics to that conclusion. Martha has more.

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One Comment

  1. dewberry says:

    At least on the HISD website, they publish a chart with the ratings without the TPM, which is slightly more helpful.

    I’m not exactly a fan of the ratings system but this TPM seems to be ridiculously inflationary.