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Donating unused school food

If you spend any time in a public school cafeteria, you will see a lot of food getting thrown out. Much of it is stuff that has to be thrown out, of course, such as all cooked food. But that leaves quite a bit, things like untouched fresh fruit and individually-wrapped items like crackers. One might wonder, why can’t the school donate that food to charity? Especially in tough economic times like this, that sure seems like the right thing to do. If you ask your school district, however, you will be told it’s not possible for a variety of reasons. Bettina Siegel decided to do some digging into those reasons, and it turns out that maybe the school districts have it wrong. Go see what she has to say, and if you agree with her conclusions, consider contacting your local school board trustee and telling them you’d like to see an unused food donation policy adopted.

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