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My pics from the Bloggers Caucus

My photos from the Bloggers Caucus in Austin are here. There’s fewer than I thought, but then I was so busy meeting and talking to people it’s a bit amazing I managed to remember to take any at all. And I managed to not lose the camera afterwards. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

More news and pics from the parties and the scene in general:

Mean Rachel, and again; she also has video. Rachel was one of many cool new bloggers I met in Austin, and now I have some blogroll maintenance to do.

Muse has photos of Chelsea Clinton giving her speech, and of her blogging buddies.

BOR reports that Boyd Richie easily won re-election as TDP Chair. My congrats to Boyd, who would have gotten my vote had I been a delegate.

Speaking of such things, my congrats as well to my blogging colleague Brian Hamon on his election to the Senate District 5 Executive Committee.

And finally, the Observer reports on Rick Noriega’s speech and on the Texas Muslim Democratic Caucus, which is apparently the first of its kind in the nation.

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One Comment

  1. meanrachel says:

    Great meeting you! I wish Cedar Door had been a bit more conducive to talking with all the bloggers, but I suppose that would have gotten in the way of drinking.

    Hope your daughter had a great birthday. See you around teh interwebs!