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Katz’s finally kloses

An era comes to an end.

Marc Katz’s delicatessen on West Sixth Street is finally closing.

Katz, whose business M&M Katz Inc., has been mired in U.S. Bankruptcy Court since 2004, said his business is shutting down Jan. 2 after 31 years in operation.

“I have to go,” he said. “It has been 31 years. I want to leave while I am happy and suppliers and employees are taken care of. I just think it is time.”

Katz informed the 70 workers at the restaurant a few weeks ago that the restaurant would soon shut down.

“We rode so high for so many years. I just don’t want to do it anymore,” he said.


Katz said he will take a month off after the business closes to decide what he will do next.

“We are going to have a party on Jan. 2,” he said. “We expect a big crowd. We are going to have a time.”

And with that, Austin becomes ever so much less weird. At least we still have the Katz’s in Houston. This is their last Christmas at that location, so if this was part of your holiday tradition, better hurry up and get over there.

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  1. Ginger says:

    We’re going back one last time, but the reason it’s klosing is that it hasn’t been as good lately. Our late-night loyalty had already switched to Kerbey Lane and to the nearby 24 Diner, which is next to Waterloo.

  2. Peter Wang says:

    They are staying open in Houston? I’d be sad if I couldn’t go there for a corned beef and matzo ball soup fix from time to time.

  3. jaye says:

    We could use a Kerbey Lane in Houston. That is our favorite place to eat in Austin.
    Except they didn’t have WiFi the last time I was there.

    Is Katz’s closing in Houston? They are really loud, have poor service, can’t get people to wait on you if you don’t have tats and pierced faces but when the food does finally come, if the order is right, it is good.

    BTW why is it in Houston that people insist on screaming at the top of their voices in restaurants or allowing their children to run around unsupervised so all of us can hear about their boring lives and share the joy of their lack of birth control?