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Fight for Rice, Rice fight on…

You look like you could use a Top 20 list. So here you go, the Top 20 college football fight songs:

When you play NCAA ’09 the background menu music includes most of the free world’s college fight songs. If you log enough hours trying to build your dynasty or take your created player to the top of the draft class like I do then you know almost every important college fight song in the nation. Problem is, you may not know that you know these songs.

I can’t tell you how many games I’ve watched on ESPN on a Thursday night when Louisville is taking on Rutgers or some similar match up, when all of a sudden I hear said school’s band strike up and I can hum every note. I never even realized I knew Louisville’s fight song!

Honestly though, I probably know more than your average bear when it comes to school fight songs. So in order to kill time until NCAA ’09 comes out I figured that I would weigh in with a Top 20 list of best college fight songs in order to create discussion, but more than likely just tick off about 80% of the people who read it.

It’s a pretty good list, and I’m not just saying that because he picked the Rice fight song (MP3) as the second best such tune. (For the true Rice aficionado, that song features the now-sadly underperformed third ending. There’s already a movement in the MOB to bring it back next year.) Anyway, check it out.

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One Comment

  1. Philip Parker says:

    Back when I was behind the hedges, the comment was that the Rice Fight Song had no words, at least anyone could remember. “Bonnet” was a more popular song for the MOB. Then came “Louie” but it is good that the MOBsters want to learn the music again to the Fight Song.

    And two of my schools are represented on the list.