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Weekend link dump for February 27

Is that a lion about to come in?

Keep Twitter short!

Change is hard. But keeping things short doesn’t have to be.

See, this is why I wasn’t a liberal arts major.

How could outsourcing your core competency possibly have been a good idea?

Is this what got Glenn Beck all paranoid about Google? Whatever the case, it appears that a certain someone didn’t get the memo.

The global nature of the Internet has some downside risk, too.

For shame, Facebook.

Government funded NASCAR ads are among the things Republicans didn’t cut from their silly budget.

If you don’t already have health insurance, you probably can’t get it. We should make everyone who wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act go through this.

Awesome coelacanth photos. See what a fish that swam with icthysaurs looks like.

In case you hadn’t seen it, Ken Jennings writes about his experience going up against a supercomputer on “Jeopardy!”

Not sure how I feel about these changes to Chrome that Google is considering.

Diversity really does matter.

It’s a good question: Would FL Governor Rick Scott have turned down money to build I-95 if he’d been in office during the Eisenhower administration?

Keeping up with the satire curve, TBogg-style.

It’s overpaid hack columnists that are the real scourge.

The fight in Wisconsin is about more than just unions, but unions are a crucial part of that fight.

Imagining the bizarro world version of Wisconsin.

I thought Republicans wanted stronger border security? They just don’t want to pay for it, apparently.

Small businesses are getting screwed by big businesses.

Some rules for being in the press box.

Here is why you can’t have a flying car.

File this under “More reasons why I don’t consider myself a libertarian”.

Money can’t buy you love, but it sure can buy you access to politicians.

Want to beat a speeding ticket? There’s an app for that, of course.

We’re pro-life and we’ll kill anyone who disagrees with us.

Some music podcasts to check out.

Yes, when you put it this way, a recurring gig on the Sunday morning talk shows does seem like the logical next step.

The fight in Wisconsin is about a whole lot more than just public sector unions.

Freedom of religion is not a winner-take-all proposition.

I always knew this would happen.

The people who made that anti-Planned Parenthood video are a bunch of lying liars. Who would have ever guessed?

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