And the special mystery guest is…

…Al Gore. Or so I’m told. But first, Rep. Lloyd Doggett is giving Speaker Pelosi a rousing introduction. The question is when Gore will appear and whether it will be spontaneous or introduced. Will report back when it happens.

UPDATE: And here he is. The crowd went nuts – big, long standing ovation. He’s speaking now about the need for an informed citizenry, and also about the environment, speicifcally the potential melting of the north polar ice cap and its effects on the world.

UPDATE: Four standing ovations later, he’s done. He touted his new website, as he wrapped up. Time for more questions, with a warning to the crowd that “soliloquies” will be cut off – that got applause, too.

First question: Would Gore accept a position with the Obama administration? Answer: “I am honored by the suggestion, I want to convey my respect for the idea as I explain why I think it’s not the best thing for me to do.” Basically, he’s gonna keep doing what he’s doing. I think that’s a good call.

UPDATE: For more on this session, check out The Texas Blue and Three Wise Men.

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