“Turd Blossom” coming to town

The title to this post makes me think I should start out singing – “You better watch out, you better not cry”…you get the idea. In any event, Vince reports that Karl Rove is coming to Houston for a big-dollar joint fundraiser for four Republican State House candidates: Rep. John Davis (HD129, opposed by TexBlog PAC-endorsed candidate Sherrie Matula), Rep. Jim Murphy (HD133, opposed by Kristi Thibaut), Rep. Gary Elkins (HD135, opposed by Trey Fleming), and Ken Legler (HD144, opposed by Joel Redmond). He’s also coming to El Paso for a fundraiser for John Cornyn. I don’t really know why anyone would want to get assistance from Karl Rove these days, since he embodies the failures of the Bush administration as well as anyone, but maybe they can explain it to their constituents. Maybe he’ll get handed a subpoena at one of these events – that would sure liven things up.

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  1. Ron in Houston says:

    Shouldn’t you add a disclaimer that anyone who attempts a citizen arrest does so at their own risk?

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