More on McCaul, and more

Harold Cook gets into an argument with one of Rep. Mike McCaul’s flacks over McCaul’s phony madrassa story, in the enviable position of having the facts on his side. Mean Rachel joins in.

Michael Skelly has a second ad out, which you can see here; that and his prior ad can also be found here. I actually saw the first ad last night while watching “The Closer”, but since it was TiVoed, and since I’d already seen it, I zipped past it. Nonetheless, that counts as the first general election ad I’ve seen for this year.

Harris County judicial candidate Mike Engelhart has his first campaign video up, which you can see here. It’s a warm fuzzy family spot, which is always a nice way to kick things off. Figure there’ll be a ton more local videos between now and November.

And finally, Joe Jaworski received the endorsement of the Lone Star chapter of the Sierra Club, which you can read about here. Given that his opponent is known as “Toxic Mike” Jackson, you’ve got to figure that was an easy call for them.

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