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Weekend link dump for May 29

I don’t care when the solstice is, this is the official beginning of summer. And a day before the end of the Texas legislative session. You can’t tell me that’s a coincidence.

Ever wonder what Weight Watchers was like in the 1970s? Here are some recipe cards from 1974 to show you. Three words: “Fluffy mackerel pudding”.

Bin Laden’s naughty stash. Some things really are worth dying for, I suppose.

Can you make sure these things point towards New Jersey? Thanks.

When IBM’s Watson starts playing doctor, it should be good for all of us.

What do Republican Congress members have to hide?

The spam value chain, and how it could be broken.

The red crested tree rat is not extinct. I’m sure it’s glad to hear that.

From the “Speling iz overated” files.

There are only four possible outcomes from the GOP Presidential primary.

How they downloaded music on their phones in 1892.

I’d listen to Ray Lewis if I were the NFL.

Did we say May 21 was rapture day? Sorry, we meant October 21. Forgot to carry the one in there. Our bad. Hope all of you that sold everything you owned can hold out till then.

The culture war is over, and gay marriage has won.

Has it really been a year since “Lost” ended? We may never see another show like it again.

The Republicans have theirs. You can go move to Canada or some other socialist hellhole.

Seventy songs for Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday.

Republicans should disavow the Ryan plan to kill Medicare because it won’t actually do anything to control costs.

Maybe you should apologize to Detroit, Mitt.

One year later, Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” did have a positive effect on Huntington, WV.

Some good and not so good advice for college graduates.

Ten Famous, Memorable and Notorious Latina Maids.

Some alternate names for that Sarah Palin movie.

Now more than ever, the GOP is the same as it ever was.

See, I knew I liked Miley Cyrus for a reason.

Your long commute is bad for you. Another reason not to live way out in the ‘burbs.

Finally! The Candwich is now available at your local convenience-food store.

Maybe we should treat students like prisoners. It couldn’t be any worse.

RIP, Margo Dydek.

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