Jus’ what?

From the stupid lawyer tricks department:

Heights-area restaurant Jus’ Mac, which boasts a variety of gourmet macaroni-and-cheese dishes mixed with anything from jalapenos to pineapple to Doritos, is in a trademark disagreement with the McDonald’s Corp.

McDonald’s claims the “Mac” in the Houston-based restaurant’s name may be too similar to what it uses in some of its promotions and product names, such as the “Big Mac” sandwich, Jus’ Mac owner Kimberly Alvarez said.

Alvarez tried to trademark Jus’ Mac in October 2010 shortly after she opened its first location at the 2600 block of Yale Street.


[The Alvarezes] plan to build similar eateries throughout the Texas region.

A second location is slated to open in November in Sugar Land at Lexington Boulevard near First Colony Mall.

Alvarez said her attorneys submitted a proposal to include the phrase “a mac n’ cheese eatery” at the end of the restaurant’s name to resolve the squabble.

She hopes to hear something back from McDonald’s and the trademark division soon.

I guess Mattress Mac better watch himself. This all reminds me of the Star Bock saga, which at last report had turned out all right for the little guy, but only as long as he didn’t try to expand beyond his original location. If the Alvarezes are looking to franchise, that could be a problem for them. We’ll see how it goes.

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One Response to Jus’ what?

  1. Joshua bullard says:

    star-bock was beer-not coffee-mattress mac is furniture-not food-

    the alvarezes are banging out hamburgers with cheese-THEYLL BE AT THE MERCY OF THE MCDONALDS CORP I ASSURE YOU.


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