Interview with Rhonda Skillern-Jones

Rhonda Skillern-Jones

We now shift to HISD and HCC Trustee races, which will take us through the end of the interview series. To start off, I bring you a conversation with Rhonda Skillern-Jones, who will succeed Carole Mims Galloway as the Trustee in District II. Skillern-Jones is a mother of five children, all of whom have attended HISD schools, and a longtime volunteer/activist who has been PTA president, member of HISD Parent Visionaries, and has served on various HISD committees such as the Superintendent’s Parents Advisory Committee and Budget Advisory Committee. (School Zone has more about Ms. Skillern-Jones.) Here’s what we discussed:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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7 Responses to Interview with Rhonda Skillern-Jones

  1. Joshua bullard says:

    whats bothers me about “canidate” rhonda skellern-jones” is the whole place holding issue and for those of you that didnt read or story about the incident or dont know exactly what place holding is-allow me,in years past it was a looked apon as a political manuever,in todays time its frowned apon as “quasi criminal”what carol mims galloway and rhonda skillern jones did as act together in collusion to take the seat not only for them selves but away from the voting public of hisd.galloway didnt annouce her plans to retire untill a few minutes on the last day to file to the general public,but rhonda skillern jones knew weeks in advance and was side by side with galloway at the ready to watch as galloway withdrew her application or removing her place as was held and rhonda skillern jones quickly submitted her filing fee and paper work to capture the only spot on the now we as voters dont get to evaluate any other canidates in this four year term-rhonda skillern jones thought it was best that she and carol mims galloway could think for us and vote for us.

    4-4years i and many will feel like we where robbed
    respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard

  2. Tyrone says:

    Mr. Bullard, I can tell from reading your comments that had a woman with the morals, education, experience, and dedication such as that possessed by RHONDA SKILLERN-JONES, (since you spelled it wrong) would have done you a great service. I won’t focus soley on your spelling or this child-like rant that you just displayed. You should have ran for the seat yourself since you seem to be so informed rather than sit back candidate bashing someone with children and more experience and education than over half the population in which she will affect. Besides that, she was raised in this area! You have a woman here trying to help make other peoples lives better and its people LIKE YOU that try to bring them down! Thats whats wrong with this country! You should focus more on your grammar and less on trying to deter a good person from improving the education level for the future leaders and citizens of this country. Then maybe you will unjustifiably complain from your comfy chair without giving her a chance for the next 4 years.

  3. Joshua bullard says:

    Tyrone-did you bump your head on something???no seroiuslly did you just come out of the kitchen and bump your head on something??are you intentially not reading what iam writing or maybe you just dont understand it-allow me to brake it down for you and anybody else for that matter- canidate rhonda jones-in the act of premediated collusion with carol mims galloway to exempt anyone from legitimatly running for this seat-its a joke-period-everybody knows that if you want to be taken seroiusly as an elected official-the first thing you may want to do is”try getting elected by the people”not hand held by carol galloway underhandly in office” the manuever was dated and foul-of course you already know this because you intentially stayed away from this fact in your comments,shame on carol mims gallolway for doing it and shame on rhonda jones for going along with it.

    your not worth the time it takes to spell check
    joshua ben bullard

  4. norma poe says:

    I worked with Rhonda at the 1990 census. She was my team leader and fellow employee. She is honest, forthright, kind, unselfish , and very sensitive. If she has a fault it can only be that she doesn’t suffer fools. If it makes any difference at all, I happen to be Anglo. I cannot believe any one, ,much less Carol Mims Galloway could ever hold Rhonda’s hand. She doesn’t NEED hand holding. Norma Poe

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  6. Wendy Spiller says:

    Joshua “Bully”Bullard (the name definately suits you). I have known Rhonda for over 20 years since High school, marriage, college, children and more school and through family events. To even attempt to formulate sentences or paragraphs (because your grammar is sad) or to try and dismantel her character and professionalism is pathetic on your part… and shame on you. Those who know and who will get to know Rhonda Skillern-Jones as she sits IN HER HISD SEAT, will know the person you describe or the lack thereof, to be a professional, upstanding, intellegent woman of integrity.

    You are the reason we love America, no matter how ignorant people are in thier comments and actions it is there right to voice it.

    Good day

  7. Tyrone says:

    Ok Joshua! As I said before, you show your ignorance in your writing, spelling and childish rants. Had you been the product of a committed, educated, child-first school board you would be better able to legibly get your point across and possibly make some sense. You are the perfect example of the districts problems! You are not focussing on the good that could come out of such a focussed and dedicated trustee like (check my spelling!) Mrs. Rhonda SKILLERN-Jones. CMG surely saw something special as you will surely see over the next 4 years. I will stop so that you can eat your crow. Educate yourself and stop trying to bring up so much useless negativity! I’m the only one listening to you. I find you and your rants funny!

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