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Me on your teevee on Tuesday

My usual modus operandi for election nights is to hit a party or two and mooch all the free food and beer I can celebrate or commiserate with my fellow Democrats in a social environment. This year will be a little different, as the folks at KHOU have asked me and my blogging colleague David Benzion of the Lone Star Times to join them in the studio on Tuesday night and do some free work for them provide our unique and witty insights to their viewing audience. Naturally that will include some blogging, which you’ll be able to see here (with crossposting or at least link-pointing here as I can do it). So instead of watching “NCIS” and the rest of the CBS Tuesday night lineup, you can tune in and be reminded once again why I have a face and voice for blogging. Though I’m sure their professional makeup staff will do the best they can with what they’ll have to work with. Anyway, look for me on the tube next Tuesday night, and if you’re at an election night party, please have a beer for me.

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  1. Charles, have we been explicitly told not to invite people to join us in-studio?

    I say we just prop open a back-door and invite people to bring the beer to us.

  2. Banjo Jones says:

    does this mean you and Benzion now are part of the dreaded “mainstream media?”

  3. Melissa says:

    Makes me wish I were still in Houston! Sorry to miss it.

  4. GMS says:

    Kuff – Glad one of us is making use of his Trinity journalism degree. 🙂

    FYI – Harris County early voting for 10/29 is 70,261. Good news for Dems but the numbers may be leveling off.

  5. I’ve got to get the Slingbox working…

  6. Amy says:

    If there ends up being ANY video of it posted anywhere, PLEASE link to it for those of us who are no longer in the Houston vicinity. 🙂

  7. Pete says:

    Like I needed and excuse to drink more that night. Congrats!

  8. Kuff, just remember that those of us who were your editors at the Trinitonian made you into the top-quality journalist you are today!