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This is just a friendly reminder that you can find much of this blog’s content on the official Off the Kuff Facebook page, which I hope you will like. I was asked recently what the purpose of that page was, and the answer is that I wanted to provide another way for people to get the content that I provide here. Some people (like me) like RSS feeds, some people like Twitter (the Twitter feed for this blog is @offthekuff, as noted on the sidebar), and some people like Facebook. It’s good to have options, right? For those of you who like the Off the Kuff Facebook page, I generally try to add a little something extra most days – I’ll share a link to some other blog post or story that I want to share but don’t necessarily want to devote a full post to, or I’ll write an add-on to a post like this story about my inept effort to do the first candidate interview of the 2012 cycle. I may also ask for feedback about specific things I’m doing or thinking about doing here, such as my recent decision to include more pictures on the blog. It’s an ongoing experiment, which adds some fun and some challenge for me, always nice to have after doing the same thing for a decade. Feedback is always appreciated, here or on the Facebook page, so please let me know what you think. Thanks very much.

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2 Responses to Social media update

  1. Linkmeister says:

    And some of us still actually use an old-fashioned blogroll on our own blog’s sidebar.

  2. joshua bullard says:

    i noticed more videos and pictures-this is a plus- when you interviewed juliet k stipeche you used the same exact picture from the year before-i think the in terview was deserving off a fresh new picture but other than that-its all good charles-i tend to use one social site still have trouble figuring out why there are some people that post”follow me on twitter”on facebook-why follow you on twitter when i follow you on

    just for the record charles-i think its a mistake not to develop your interviews to also cover the republicans as well as the democrats-i know for the most part your a yellow dog/blue dog dem/but most of your viewers like to review both sides.and dont start with your classic “you are welcome to start your own blog”becasue i am not starting my own-i like yours way to much and as i have stated before,i am not going anywhere.i see the jury is still out on the judical candidate coverage on the gop pri races.

    respectfully submitted
    joshua” ben” bullard

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