Interview with Sean Hubbard

Sean Hubbard

Sean Hubbard has been in the race for Senator longer than any other candidate, having started his campaign in January, 2011, right when Sen. Hutchison made her retirement official. Hubbard is easily the youngest candidate running for Senate at 30 years old, but he has been involved in politics for a decade, starting as a volunteer for Congressional campaign. In 2008, he worked with Obama Dallas to coordinate outreach efforts, and develop the Obama Dallas Field Plan. He lives in the Dallas area, where he grew up. Here’s the interview:

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See also this BOR profile of Hubbard.

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4 Responses to Interview with Sean Hubbard

  1. Ron in Houston says:

    Should we see the note from his mother before he runs for senate? Kidding aside, it’s good to see young fresh faces running for office.

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  3. Myrtle Elaine Stanley says:

    DO NOT let me down I voted for you yesterday in Murphy,Tx. with much ado because I was democrate I was really given a hard time. The man in front of me was given his plastic card to put in the machine with out a problem, but when it came my turn they had a problem processing my request to vote. Oh yes he was republican! I am a 65 year old who needs her social security check. Don’t take it from me. I still work in a retail job and have to watch every penny as I only get 10 hrs a week.I have always been for the underdog and I feel because you have been rather strapped for finances, just like myself you need my vote. Please, again I say to you don’t let me down. I have 2 grandchildren 22 and 19 I want a good future for them.

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