All the budget amendments

Here’s a Google doc upload of all of the budget amendments from Council members to Mayor Parker. All members except CMs Bradford and Hoang submitted at least one amendment, with some (Brown, Sullivan, Green) submitting more than others. I’ve given the whole thing a cursory look, and while much of what is in here has been reported on, there are a couple of things to catch your eye. The one that I spotted was from CM Ed Gonzalez, who proposes that the city create a process that only grants construction or occupancy permits to individuals who are up to date on all taxes, fees, and fines to the city. My main reaction to that is “why haven’t we always done it that way?” Be that as it may, have a look and see for yourself what your Council members want to do with the fiscal year 2013 budget.

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2 Responses to All the budget amendments

  1. Bill Shirley says:

    It is quite common for builders (who are also experts at dissolving and reforming their businesses) to not pay any taxes on a property while they are developing it, and to take care of that “over site” when the sale is made.

    I agree, it’s a loophole that would serve being closed.

  2. Joseph Houston says:

    I wonder why no one reported that Brown also wanted to default on bonds. I’m sure that won’t impact how the city is viewed on Wall Street…

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