Won’t you be my forever stamp?

From the Ideas Whose Time Have Come Department: the Forever Stamp.

The forever stamp goes on sale April 12 at 41 cents. The rate for first-class postage rises to 41 cents May 14.

The stamp, which will carry the word “Forever” instead of a price, will remain valid for sending a letter, no matter how much rates go up in the future.

That will eliminate the annoyance of buying one- and two-cent stamps to make up the new rate when prices rise, and folks who want to hedge against inflation could lay in a supply of the stamps for long-term use.

We’re still working our way through two-cent stamps that we bought to accomodate the leftover 37-centers we’ve got. What can I say – Tiffany likes buying stamps in bulk. This news will make her very, very happy.

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