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Weekend link dump for February 17

Dunk or dunk not. There is no try. James Harden is a Zen master.

And then God made a more accurate representation of farming in America.

No, we don’t have a fertility crisis in the US.

Illegally uploaded movies on YouTube aren’t being blocked as often as they once were.

Twenty-five years of “Raising Arizona”, one of my all-time favorite movies.

Why Title IX is still needed. Did you know that you can still get fired for being pregnant? That’s one reason why.

RIP, Edith Houghton, one of baseball’s pioneers.

Help make Molly an astronaut.

Wait, Rex Reed is still alive? Who knew?

Do you not want fries with that?

“The resignation is another chance for the institutional Church to ac with unambiguous justice toward the victims, and unambiguous penitence toward the rest of the world, which is pretty much the way it should have been acting for the past 20 years. Thus would the resignation of Benedict XVI be the only real lasting triumph of his papacy. The odds against it, alas, are extraordinarily long.”

“Note to Justice Antonin Scalia, a man who is 76, fervently Catholic, and also holds a life term: Take the hint. It’s ok to step down.”

Getting rid of styrofoam would be a good thing.

I don’t think more Nuge is going to help the anti-gun control folks, but hey, knock yourselves out.

“Here’s the funny thing: My wife doesn’t drive like a Prius owner. She still drives the car “normally”. But me? I’ve become that guy I used to hate, and I blame it on the data.”

Here’s one way to put your money where your mouth is on diversity.

Remember Fredric Wertham and “The Seduction of the Innocent”? Apparently, he cooked his research on comics and their effect on kids.

I just can’t imagine why the city of Sugar Land turned down this fabulous offer.

I’ve been a panelist on a couple of local PBS gabfests in Houston. They’re always kind enough to provide us talking heads with water, in attractive local-station-themed mugs, for the recordings. I like to think that I drink my water on television in a more smooth and professional manner than Sen. Marco Rubio does.

News flash: Terrestrial radio sucks. You already knew that, right?

I really have no idea why the modern conservative movement has such problems connecting with women. It’s a mystery, I tell you.

“Basically, a fake starship captain just sent a tweet to a real-life space station engineer, who replied using the language of the fake starship captain … and all of us got to see it.” My God, I love living in the future.

Hard to say who’s dumber, Ben Shapiro or the idiots who believed him.

Why there were all those dashboard cameras on Russian cars to capture the meteorite footage.

Awkward Valentine’s Day stories. I’m thankful I don’t have anything interesting to add to them.

Math is hard, Adjusted For Inflation division.

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