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Weekend link dump for February 24

“I asked Jack White if Jack White had met Jack Black. They had. It has been on my mind for a long time. Now I know.”

I’m not embarrassed to punctuate with exclamation points where I feel they properly convey my intentions, but I’d totally use an ElRey mark if one were available on my keyboard.

Leonard Cooper demonstrates why knowing math is more important than knowing other things.

The Google Store is coming to a mall near you.

“The thermostat is the iPod. It’s the beginning.”

The video game caricatures from “Wreck It Ralph”.

RIP, Mindy McCready. What a sad, tragic story.

When people talk about states like Mississippi joining the 21st century, it’s less of a rhetorical device than you might think.

“These days, I’ll take good news from congressional Republicans where I can find it.”

“Plus, they had these Coca Cola Freestyle machines everywhere, so I could get Raspberry Coke Zero any time I wanted. Worth the cost of the cruise, I have to say.” I’m a Coke Zero Lime guy myself, but I totally know what he means.

A big, important report about Chinese computer espionage.

A Charlie Pierce rant about media inanity is a joy to behold.

In case you were wondering, the right wing noise machine really will believe anything, no matter how stupid it is.

“Respectable centrist position agrees with Obama’s position. But to agree with one party is not a respectable centrist thing to do. And so a wide stream of coverage and commentary on this issue is dedicated to actively misleading Americans about what the two sides are proposing.”

“But if we’re going to talk about studying a potential relationship between video games and violence, we need to talk about what kind of study policymakers and the general public would find credible and authoritative, no matter its results.”

The war on yoga pants continues apace.

If you’ve made an enemy of Ken Ham, you’re doing something right.

“Quite a few American Christians who have no problem at all accepting, enjoying and celebrating Tim LaHaye’s gory Jesus in the Left Behind series nonetheless pretend to be horrified by Saturday Night Live’s spoof ‘DJesus Uncrossed'”

“If you look at other wearable pieces of functional technology, there’s a reason they’re not ubiquitous. […] Is it useful? Of course it is. Do I look like a tool? Yeah. I’m not going to wear it.”

Go, Lauren Silberman, go!

“In the real world, at least 80 percent of victims of campus rapes know their assailant. The standard strategy of rapists is not to jump a stranger who could, after all, fight back.”

“But as data mining techniques continue to evolve, and as databases become increasingly unified and tractable, and our lives are lived almost entirely online, it’s going to be harder and harder for criminals not to leave a discoverable data trail — especially opportunistic criminals, who break the law when they’re given a chance, as opposed to more considered criminals, who spend a lot of time plotting a crime before committing it.”

“Print me an ear”, and other things I never thought I’d hear someone say.

“So the next time you hear a poll about how Americans think it’s important to shrink the budget deficit, keep in mind that 94 percent of us don’t even know that it’s getting smaller.”

Along those lines, it’s simpler to just observe that David Brooks is a fool, and leave it at that.

RIP, Norma Zenteno.

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