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Weekend link dump for March 31

And out like a lamb…

Geez, now even I’m worried about Gmail. Thanks, Ezra.

The Nielsen Family ain’t what it used to be.

This five-year-old girl discovered a new species of dinosaur, which is now named for her. What have you done with your life?

70′s Actor Erik Estrada To Star In Right Wing ‘Religious Liberty’ Musical“. Go ahead, top that headline.

“Like her full-sized counterpart, little Beverly Crusher runs a theater and attends conventions, but she also rides cats and still carries a torch for a certain Starfleet captain.”

I miss The Far Side. Imagine what it would be like in a social media-enabled world.

“Apparently government doesn’t create jobs, but government inaction sure loses them.”

“Here are five issues Democrats must consider to ensure the 2012 victory isn’t squandered.”

How Google embraced and extinguished the RSS industry.

RIP, Henry Gonzales, manager of the pioneering Tejano band La Mafia.

On the plus side, wearing Google Glass while riding in a driverless car would still be legal.

Pro tip: If Ralph Reed is speaking for you, you’re in the wrong.

RIP, Arijit Guha, who put a face on the problem of lifetime insurance limits.

When MTV banned the B-52’s because of the invasion of Iraq.

Regardless of what the Census may say, there are gay people everywhere.

A two-headed shark sounds cool in theory, but probably wouldn’t live very long in reality. But still – two-headed shark!

No, really, marriage equality has nothing to do with polygamy, incest, or bestiality, no matter how much some people would like for that to be true.

“See, Gracie, those of us who believe in same-sex marriage also think if you’re lucky enough to have two parents who love you, then you have every right to say you need them both. In fact, I wish every child were lucky enough to grow up in a safe, stable home with loving parents. And Gracie, that’s why I support same-sex marriage.”

“Great. Same-sex marriage is legal in the United States of America. Do we have anything of actual import on the docket, or are we done for the day?” If only it were that simple.

More reasons to avoid WalMart, if you need them.

I’ll say again, I’m rooting for BlackBerry to get up off the mat.

All of the wigs worn on “The Americans”.

Good riddance to you, Maggie Gallagher.

RIP, Richard Griffiths, a/k/a Uncle Vernon Dursley.

Ted Cruz sure does lie a lot.

The top ten reasons why Kim Jong-un would want to bomb Austin.

“Obviously we all have free speech. But what people usually want with free speech is the ability to speak their mind and not have people think worse of them for it. And on gay rights if not quite yet on full marriage equality, these folks sense they may be losing that right.”

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