New New York stadia?

Looks like the Yankees and Mets won’t get started on building new stadia this year. New mayor Michael Bloomberg says there isn’t enough money this year, which isn’t too surprising. What is surprising (to me, anyway) is that Rudy Giuliani thought this was doable without new taxes. $800 million is a lotta money to conjure up, Rudy, even if you’re not rebuilding large parts of the city. Giuliani’s optimism and never-say-die attitude after 9/11 will be a lasting part of his legacy, but I think he overreached here. Good on new Mayor Bloomberg for putting on the brakes.

I like retractable-roof stadia as much as the next guy – the Stadium Soon To Be Formerly Known As Enron Field is a fine place to catch a game – but it goes without saying that replacing Yankee Stadium is wrong. And if the long-term plan is to demolish the Stadium, well, I wouldn’t want to be the contractor that has to wield the wrecking ball. The bad-karma mojo from that will still be haunting your grandchildren fifty years from now.

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